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What are the best eyecare tips for summer?

eyecare tips

June is an exciting time as summer officially begins. For many, summer break will already have started, and you’ll be getting ready to jet off on vacation to the beach, camping, or starting your road trip! The main star of summer – literally – is the sun, but it’s also…

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What are the signs of cataracts?

signs of cataracts

Most people have probably heard of cataracts but know little about them. As it’s thought to affect 20.5 million Americans 40 years old and above, and 6.1 million Americans have required cataract surgery, we think it’s important to share some of the lesser-known facts about this condition. We’ll explain exactly…

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Our favorite trending sunglasses for SS24

Trending SS24 Sunglasses 2024

If you love keeping up with the latest fashions, you’ll definitely want to be in the know about sunglasses that are trending for the new season. Shades are the perfect accessory and one you should never leave the house without. Aside from giving you an effortlessly cool look, the most…

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