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About Kvitle Eye Care Associates

Kvitle Eye Care Associates was established by Dr. Jason Kvitle who worked with his father Dr. Kirk Kvitle for 8 years at Family Eyecare & Contact Lens Center.

The new office will have a very familiar face up front. Linda has been side-by-side with the Kvitles for over 20 years. While Dr. Jason Kvitle was a local basketball player, Linda was a basketball star in the area, with records still standing today.

After his father's death, Dr. Jason Kvitle wanted to honor his late father, incorporating the family name into a state of the art eye care facility of his own. Jason remembers the first day on the job next to Kirk -

"Son, don't sell people glasses...
make them see better".

Another line Kirk always used was "the eye is the window to the body." During your exam, Dr. Kvitle will search for eye diseases that can be hidden in everyday life. Kvitle Eye Care is where tradition, relationships and eyecare come together – come see the difference!


About Dr Jason Kvitle

Dr. Jason Kvitle is a Quincy native, graduating from QHS in 2005. He then went on to the University of Illinois and then attended the Ohio State University for Optometry in 2013.

Dr. Jason Kvitle came back to the area to join his late father, Kirk Kvitle, at his private practice and family business, Family Eyecare. He trained next to Kirk for 8 years, gaining experience diagnosing and treating all major eye diseases.

Dr. Kvitle recently had to take the opportunity to continue his father's legacy by opening a state-of-the-art facility, honoring his father with Kvitle Eye Care Associates, located at 1107 College Ave, Quincy Illinois. Dr. Kvitle is proud to say that he was taught by one of the best in the business. He worked with his father for 8 years before he passed away in October of 2020 to Mesothelioma, an extremely rare cancer.

Dr. Jason Kvitle is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Illinois Optometric Association. He is therapeutically certified to diagnose and treat eye diseases.