I just wanted to give praise to Dr. Jason Kvitle. He is a great asset to our group at Walk-In Clinic. Just this last weekend, there was a patient that had come over to Walk-In on Saturday from the Edina area, an hour drive. They are a patient of the health system as their PCP is out of Scotland County Memorial, but they noted that they recognized her as a Blessing Provider. The patient had a foreign body to his eye that had been there for a couple of days. If FB of the eye are not removed within the first day or so, they become extremely difficult to remove as a piece of epithelium grows overtop of them. Not easy for us to remove in WIC. I tried to remove the FB but was unsuccessful.

I called then texted Dr. Kvitle about this patient. It was a Saturday afternoon, and he isn’t on call. He texted back and told me his cell coverage wasn’t great but he was coming back in to town from his farm after cutting wood, but would be very happy to meet the patient at his office in 20-30 minutes. What a great story!!!! The patient was so thankful that they would not have to Monday for treatment. I just wanted to give a shout out of thanks to Dr. Kvitle for always being so helpful. There have been several others stories like this about his helpfulness and willingness to see patient without question


Dr Joseph L.
Immediate Care Cinics

I really like both doctors. Dr Kirk Kvitle is an amazing doctor that takes the time to explain things in a very easy way. Dr. Jason Kvitle is an outstanding personable health care provider. Besides the fact that they are amazing doctors, I know that they take care of their patients without just focusing on the eyes only. They take into consideration every aspect of each patient's conditions and provide what very good care means. Kids love them! Thank you, guys, for all you do for your patients.


Alessandra S.

Dr. Jason Kvitle volunteered to come out to Transitions of Western Illinois with his technician to check the glasses of our Developmentally Disabled Adults. There were many eye pads that needed replaced, screws tightened, glasses cleaned etc. He was extremely patient and kind to each of our consumers as he met individually with them. Thank you, Dr. Jason Kvitle, for seeing a need and offering your service.



Dr Jason does a thorough eye exam and takes the time to review and explain your results. He discusses your health and how your eyes play a major role in your life's well being. If you have health issues, he will gladly offer recommendations to help overcome them. Very knowledgeable on diabetes and the factors that pertain to eyesight. No doubt, he is great to work with, and you are in good hands with his care.


Payson D.

From the minute I walked into the office, every staff member was so friendly; it felt like I was walking into a family members home. Dr. K put me at ease, was extremely knowledgeable and talked me through everything he was doing. Barb then helped me pick out my glasses and she was so patient with me, even though it was nearing closing time! All in all, best experience, wonderful doctor, and staff!


Kaye L.

Very personable service. I have been a patient here for many years. Started with Dr. Kirk, now Dr. Jason. The staff are very caring & most attentive to their clientele. Quincy community was fortunate to have Dr. Kirk & now Dr. Jason to carry on & serve the people in west central Illinois. Peace & Everything Good to All


Judy H.

They are extremely professional and friendly. Dr.Jason is the simply the best ever! He knows how to hire the right talent to execute his vision for the company- just brilliant… I will miss you guys’


Dr. C Foma

Dr. Jason Kivitle and his staff were great. My appointment was at 4pm and I walked out the door at 5. This entire group rocks it -every time I'm in there they go above and beyond. I am assured that the overall health of my eyes are being taken care of to the utmost of their ability. I appreciate you all !


Jenny Z.

Dr Jason and Kirk both are wonderful men. Who have played a great role in my health. Only seen the man 3 times but each time they both make me feel like in the only patient in the building. They are my #1 call if i ever have a major issue again! ❤❤


Kallie S.

I had been going to Dr. K for about 33 years. He was with Dr. McReynolds then. I have never been sorry. Now his son is with him and is doing the same great job. The office staff is the best. They are all stuck with me for another 30 yr +!


Lew H.

Dr. Kvitle is the BEST! He really cares about his patients and wants them to receive the best care and resolve their eye issues. HIGHLY recommended!!!


Dana B.

Absolutely quality care! Would recommend Dr Jason Kvitle to anyone. Miss his dad, Dr. Kirk, but obviously Dr. Jason delivers the same excellent patient care. Learned from the best!


Linda M.

Dr. Jason is so knowledgeable, genuine and friendly.


Irene B.

Very friendly. Dr. Kvitle works with my son really well and he is a handful.


Kristina R.

I ever tell ya about our kiddo having cancer in his eye? After a local eye Dr told us for 7 months it was infection and treated it as such, we listened to many of your suggestions and met Jason Kvitle.

Jason found cancer and now, after 2 years, Xavier has made a full recovery!

We love Jason!

Took Easton and myself yesterday for new glasses/contacts. Because...We love Jason!

Alex got off work tonight and his eye was so swollen. He said it really hurt!!! But... It was after hours. I refused to go to walk-in or the ER. Jason Kvitle to the rescue again! He drove all the way back to his office just to see what was going on. This guy!!! We absolutely love him!

If you need an eye Dr or even a different eye Dr, Kvitle Eye Care Associates is who you need to call!

Better yet... click right here and make an appointment for yourself. Go see what I mean then go back to this and book your entire family! Thank me later



Jamie O'N.