How to care for your glasses – our 5 top tips!

Glasses are important pieces of equipment, and while they look uncomplicated, they are the product of decades of innovation. For most, they function as far more than just an accessory and more like an extension of the body. As such, they need to be treated with the same care and consideration we give ourselves.

We want you to get the most out of your glasses – so we have put together a list of our top 5 tips to keep your glasses in as good condition as possible.

1. How to keep glasses clean

It’s surprisingly easy to get through the day without realizing how dirty your glasses are. A quick inspection usually reveals some kind of buildup of dirt, grease, or smudges.

When cleaning your glasses, it’s important to use a suitable solution and a microfiber cloth, both of which we sell in our store. Lens cleaners are specifically designed to be streak-free and not damage your lens coatings.

You might be tempted to use a tissue or your clothing for cleaning glasses, but the material can be abrasive and can scratch the lenses, so we suggest keeping a microfiber cloth with you.

clothing for cleaning glasses

2. The case for a case

Your case is a handy place to keep your microfiber cloth clean, but it’s also prudent to store your glasses inside when they are not in use. While glasses are typically durable and made to last for several years, they are not designed to be sat on or kept for extended periods down the back of a couch. Glasses can be expensive, so it’s wise to protect your investment.

3. Right side up

If you don’t have your case or are momentarily taking your glasses off, place them down with the lenses facing up, resting gently on the folded arms. This will avoid scratching the surface and the coatings of the lenses. It’s also advisable to place them out of the way – just make sure to remember where you put them!

Right side up

4. Use both hands

You might not have put much thought into how you remove and put on your glasses. Using one hand can cause additional stress on one side of the frame and arm, distorting the shape and resulting in breakages over time. To avoid this, hold both arms of your glasses when removing and putting them on.

Use both hands

5. Off your head

It’s tempting to store your glasses on your head briefly, but it’s recommended to resist that temptation. The oils in your hair are not going to do them any favors, and the arms can become bent from being stretched over your head. This can cause them to lose their shape, making them prone to slipping off your head.

Again, this is another reason for keeping your case nearby – or why not invest in a stylish glasses chain?

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If you need any information about cleaning products for your glasses, general eye care tips or any of our services, please get in touch with our friendly team here at Kvitle Eyecare. We’re always happy to help.