Glitz, glamor, and glasses from Jimmy Choo frames

We’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite luxury brands—Jimmy Choo—which is available in-store and online. The brand’s appeal and glamor are unparalleled, and it’s a name that continues to be proudly worn by A-list celebrities and British royalty. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the history of the brand alongside some of the best designs, styles, and features they incorporate into their collections.

A little bit of history

The Jimmy Choo fashion house is named after the designer himself – Mr. Jimmy Choo. Born in Malaysia to shoemaker parents, one might have expected him to follow in their footsteps, not for him to create such waves at an international level.

The 1990s were a good decade for his shoes – especially after Princess Diana was seen sporting a pair. His first store opened in 1996 in London soon followed by New York City in 1998 and Los Angeles in 1999. Further stores steadily opened worldwide and progress since has been quite remarkable.

Delving into eyewear

With Jimmy Choo’s success in women’s footwear, it was inevitable that product lines would expand. Designer bags began to garner attention, and then its eyewear was thrust into the spotlight. For many years, its focus was on women’s collections, but it has branched out to launch a range for men in recent years.

Since breaking onto the eyewear scene in 2007, Jimmy Choo’s stylish eyewear collections have always been daring and bold. Whether oversized, dramatic, or sophisticated, the designs are always created with an unmistakable flair and a certain amount of glitz and glamor.

Jimmy Choo's stylish eyewear

Celebrity status

Jimmy Choo is a firm favorite with celebrities such as Emma Stone, Margot Robbie, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez, who have all been spotted wearing some Jimmy Choo apparel.

Glamor and luxury

The styles of Jimmy Choo frames evolve with the times and are often at the forefront of the fashion world, trend-setting, influencing, and inspiring. Some frames come in more neutral color schemes, while other more playful designs are eye-catching with colors that pop.

Gold, diamante, and pearl details are often added to heighten the accents on the luxurious designs. You may also find glitter elements, Swarovski crystals, and gorgeous, patterned acetates.

Jimmy Choo’s glasses are crafted in Italy – a country renowned for its exceptional contributions to high fashion. You can be confident that the designs are made to wow and the construction is built to last.

Jimmy Choo’s glasses

Experience luxury today!

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